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The claims process should start immediately after an accident occurs at work. The following is a rudimentary roadmap of a claimant’s usual journey through the workers’ compensation system: Report The Accident/Injury It is sometimes uncomfortable for employees to report a work accident. They may be fearful of being reprimanded for failing to follow safety protocol, or they may not want to be viewed as a “complainer.” Get over it! You must report the accident to your supervisor or risk being left with no job and no benefits. It is standard protocol in many companies to require the completion of a written incident report following a work accident. You should complete this report with as much detail as possible, writing down every body…Read More

The workers’ compensation system in New Jersey was designed to provide injured workers with prompt medical attention and wage replacement benefits when they are disabled due to a work injury. There is no need for an employee to prove that the employer committed negligence in order to collect benefits. As long as the injury occurred during the course of employment, the injury is considered “compensable” under the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Act, N.J.S.A. 34:15-1 et seq. In other words, even if the employee injures himself while tripping over his own two feet at work, he is potentially entitled to benefits. The workers’ compensation insurance carrier must pay 100% of all related medical treatment. During the time that the employee is…Read More

Understand When To Seek Compensation

Under the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Act, you are entitled to receive medical, temporary, and sometimes permanent disability benefits after suffering a workplace injury. But how do you access these benefits? First off, it’s important to know that you don’t need to prove that your employer is at fault to collect benefits. Under the New Jersey law, any injury that occurs while you were working is generally compensable. Even if you trip over your own feet and twist your ankle, you are potentially eligible for benefits. If you are injured at work, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier must pay 100 percent of all related medical expenses, with no deductible or copayment from you. You are also entitled to receive…Read More

Employee Spotlight: Doreen

This past January, Lisa Pezzano Mickey was invited to speak at the 2018 Advanced Workers’ Compensation Law Conference, sponsored by the New Jersey Council on Safety & Health (COSH). It was an honor for our firm to be represented at this event, which featured several prominent attorneys in the workers’ compensation arena. We are always grateful for the opportunity to share our knowledge and collaborate with other members of the legal community. The conference covered the topics of temporary disability and light-duty work, both of which are critical issues for workers who are trying to return to the workplace following an injury. Lisa explained, “Insurance companies are pressuring employers to get employees back to work as soon as possible on…Read More

Myths And Realities Of A Personal Injury

Recently, I met with a potential client about an accident she had in a supermarket. As she turned the corner to enter one of the aisles, she slipped and fell due to what she described as a puddle of liquid on the floor. She told me the liquid was clear, so she did not notice it before she fell. She didn’t see any wet floor signs in the area. After a store employee showed up to help her, it was discovered that the source of the liquid was a broken bottle that either someone had dropped or that had been knocked off of a shelf. After she shared her story with me, I told the client that her case would…Read More

What To Watch Out For After An Accident

It’s hard to tell who is on your side, especially when you’ve been in an accident. That’s why Wendy’s book, ‘Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your NJ Accident Case,’ contains crucial questions to ask and advice on what to look out for after an accident. Here’s an excerpt containing three tactics insurance companies use. For years, one major insurance company encouraged claimants to not even talk to an attorney before setting the claim. They used fear (“the lawyer will take one-third of this check we’re about to pay you just for talking to them”) to dissuade people from getting good advice. Guess what? You may not need an attorney to represent you in your case! No one, however, should…Read More

Dual Experts

We’re not your average attorneys. For one thing, without her signature heels, Lisa is only 5 feet tall. Wendy is as cool as a cucumber, even under pressure. But the real difference is in how we tackle your case. We only handle two types of cases: personal injury and workers’ comp. Our background in these categories spans over 25 years, so we know what we’re doing. For the first 10 years of her career, Lisa defended employers in workers’ compensation claims in every county in the state of New Jersey. Wendy used to represent insurance companies. She understands how they think and what you need to get past legal roadblocks in a personal injury case. Our dual expertise also means…Read More


The New Jersey Supreme Court issued a ruling on February 19, 2019, which affects all volunteer firefighters in the state. Workers’ compensation claimants are entitled to receive temporary disability benefits equaling 70% of their gross average weekly wage, up to the state maximum, if they suffer a “lost wage” due to their injuries. New Jersey law provides that all volunteer firefighters injured during the course of their volunteer duties shall be paid at the maximum compensation rate in effect in the year of their accident, regardless of their salary level in their jobs outside of the firehouse. N.J.S.A. 34:15-75. Jennifer Kocanowski was a volunteer firefighter for 17 years who was injured while volunteering at the Finderne Fire Department, in Bridgewater,…Read More

FRANK MORELLI A Pillar for Justice

Throughout his legal career, Frank Morelli earned a reputation as being a fair but tough enforcer of justice. After serving as a fighter pilot in the Air Force, Frank made good on a pact he’d formed with a couple friends and used his GI Bill to attend Seton Hall Law School. From there, Frank built a legal career spanning more than 30 years that earned him the respect of his clients, peers, and colleagues, including our own Lisa Pezzano Mickey. The two met first in the courtroom before sharing office space together. Lisa then became “Of Counsel” to Frank’s law firm, helping his clients with workers’ compensation claims, kicking off a camaraderie that has spanned life events and borders. “Lisa,…Read More


Very often, people are unaware of their insurance coverage until they are involved in an accident and it is too late. Here is a basic overview of the types of coverage available to you and some of our recommendations. This is just a general overview. Your situation might be such that these recommendations would not be right for you. We strongly recommend that you call us for a free, no-obligation review of your present insurance coverage. PIP BENEFITS PIP benefits are personal injury protection benefits, and they include payment of medical expenses. Many people are surprised to learn that it is your own insurance company that pays your medical bills, even if the accident was someone else’s fault. The standard…Read More

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